TTM is pleased to announce the name change of its Wireless BU. Effective January 1, 2021, Wireless BU is now named RF & Specialty Components BU (RF&S) to better reflect the developing nature of this BU and TTM's intention to support our customers with broad based high performance engineered component solutions.
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TTM History

About History

TTM was incorporated in 1998 and has grown dramatically since then to now be the largest printed circuit board (PCB) supplier in North America and one of the leading suppliers in the world.

TTM's rapid growth began with the merger of Pacific Circuits and Power Circuits in 1999 followed by a successful IPO on the NASDAQ under ticker symbol TTMI in 2000. The company then doubled in size with the acquisition of Honeywell Advanced Circuits in 2002 and again doubled in size with the acquisition of the Tyco Printed Circuit Group in 2006. The acquisition of Tyco transformed TTM into North America's largest provider of PCB products for the Aerospace & Defense Industry. In 2010, the Meadville Printed Circuit Operation was added to the TTM family which once again doubled the size of the company and positioned TTM as a global leader in advanced HDI PCBs used in smart phones and tablet computers. In 2015, TTM completed the acquisition of Viasystems Group, Inc, has again doubled the size of our company and has quickly catapulted TTM into a leading position as a supplier of high reliability PCBs used in the Automotive Industry. After the acquisition of Anaren, Inc in 2018, TTM leveraged and expanded complementary capabilities, including TTM’s strength in manufacturing printed circuit boards and Anaren’s experience in designing and manufacturing unique radio frequency (RF) components and subsystems. This allows TTM to develop new solutions in Aerospace & Defense, Communications, and broader commercial markets. In 2020, TTM divested its four China manufacturing plants comprising substantially all of the assets of its Mobility business unit as a separate enterprise to AKM Meadville Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. The transaction is an important step in advancing TTM’s stated strategy of increasing its focus on growth markets characterized by long product cycles that more fully leverage TTM’s early engagement capabilities and industry leading differentiated solutions.

Today, TTM is a global leader and is one of the leading PCB products manufacturer in the world. TTM's one-stop solution covers all stages of the product life cycle from inception to prototype with ramp to volume and high volume production. TTM's broad product offering is utilized by all major End Markets including Aerospace & Defense, automotive, computing, industrial, medical and networking/telecom.

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